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Van Wert County Stories

  • Husted ready to run for governor

    Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, crisscrossing northwestern Ohio, just days after announcing a bid for governor.

  • Memorial Day weekend travel expected to be record breaking

    Memorial Day weekend travel is always at a high level, but this year's numbers could break records.

  • Farmers gamble with Mother Nature

    They say farming is a gamble. A gamble with Mother Nature, and sometimes Mother Nature wins. For many farmers, recent rains have either helped or dramatically hurt their crops. There’s always the gamble of planting too early.

  • Bikers and Pedestrians counted in Delphos

    If you saw a young lady with a clipboard at the corner of Main and Fifth in Delphos today here’s what she was doing. 

  • Donate Blood During Trauma Awareness Month

    May is Trauma Awareness Month and the American Red Cross is urging people to donate so they are ready for a trauma situation.