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  • Wedding Timeline

    • 18-12 Months Out

      You've gotten engaged! Congratulations! Now it's time to start laying the groundwork for the big day. Let's take a look at some of the top things to look at when you're getting started. 
    • 9-11 Months Out

      A couple of months have gone by since the engagement. The excitement is starting to wear off and the real work begins. It's time to find out who's going to help you on the big day, as well as budgeting for the essentials.
    • 6-8 Months Out

      Details Details Details! It's time to start thinking about the nitty gritty. Where will your guests stay during the wedding? Where will you stay during your honeymoon?
    • 4-5 Months Out

      It's time to get the guys involved. What will the groom wear and his friends? Who do you want to show up to your wedding?
    • 2-3 Months Out

      It's time to make this thing official BEFORE the wedding with your marriage license. Think about how you're going to thank all of the people who helped make your "special day" SPECIAL with what gifts to give. 
    • 6 Weeks - 3 Weeks Out

      Don't be nervous! You've made it this far! With the right amount of preparation, all of these things coming together should look familiar. Let's start doing a final checklist of what you need to review.
    • The Final Days

      It's the final days! YAY! Time to do one more check and it's time to have all of this planning pay off!