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WLIO News has some impressive numbers in viewers during our newscasts. This is due in part to the super job our news department does in covering issues and news in West Central Ohio.  The Your News Now videographer crew is made up of Chief Videographer Phil Thomas and Videographer Joe Miles.

I started at the stations in 1981 and I have found that I am still learning. That is why I enjoy coming to work. I have seen a lot of changes as far as equipment as well as people. Lima has been a great community to work and raise a family. Working for the station has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of good people and go to a lot of places that I would would not have gone, if not for the opportunities that I have gotten here. I am looking forward to what is next for me tomorrow. At the end of my internship at WLIO in the summer of 2016, I didn't want to leave! I learned a lot through the great people employed here. However, I realized that I needed to finish my degree, and so I returned to Columbus to complete my senior year at The Ohio State University. During my senior year, I was a production intern at WOSU and was able to graduate in the the spring of 2017 with a Film Studies degree. I was then hired as a production assistant by WBNS in Columbus. While I enjoyed my time there, I realized that I wanted to get out and explore, rather than remain in the studio. Eventually I found my way back here to do just that. Being able to travel around the Lima area and capture the many interesting events that happen around here has been very rewarding. Every day presents a new opportunity to bring these events to life.  I started at the station over 30 years ago, and over the years videography has been exceedingly rewarding. I have seen every President From Ronald Reagan to President Obama, and many other political figures. Being a news videographer, you are always on the front line of many social issues as well as heartwarming features. I wouldn't trade this career for anything else.

These professionals shoot video out in the field and bring the news to viewers of Your News Now.  News stories are shot in the field, and edited in one of six Final Cut edit suites at WLIO. All material is acquired with JVC 800 series cameras. Video is record on to video cards in a digital format. The days of videotape have all but disappeared.

The WLIO News ENG Live Truck is equipped with dual gas tanks, on-board power inverter, and gas powered generator. The truck transmits back to the station on the 2 gigahertz band using a Nurad transmitter system with a power of 2 or 12 watts. The truck is wired for stereo operation in the field.


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