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A Realistic Price Means a More Rapid Sale

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Once you've decided to sell your property, the next majordecision is how much to ask for it. A sound and realisticstrategy in setting your price can assure you of two things:you'll be more likely to get your asking price (or close to it),and you'll get it sooner.

Rely on Dick Clark Real Estate, LLC.Your Realtor® can help you establish a realistic price basedon age, location, features and market variables like interestrates and the availability of financing. We share your goal -getting the best price for your home. Avoid being influencedby experiences other people have had in the sale of theirhomes.

Price for the market.If your price is too high for the value a prospective buyer willreceive, you may be shutting off what you need most to sellyour property: a group of qualified buyers looking in theprice range you establish. Every $1,000 difference betweenwhat you expect to receive and what the buyer expects topay makes a big difference in how many people will beinterested in looking at your property. While a prospectmay submit a low bid and give you a point at which to beginnegotiation, this won't happen automatically. Manyprospects are reluctant to present bids that are substantially below your asking price.

Understand the buyer-seller psychology.In any buyer-seller relationship, it is normal for the seller towonder, "Could I have asked for more?" The buyer alsoasks, "If I had held out, could I have saved money?" The artof negotiating for the best price is a skill your Realtor® hasmastered. One key for acheiving a speedy, successful saleis starting with a realistic price in the first place.

Time is money.When it comes to selling your property, time is money.Every day a property doesn't sell means extra expense theseller must incur for repayment of principal, interest, taxes,insurance and maintenance. A property that is on themarket too long sends a signal that something is wrongwith it.

Dick Clark Real Estate, LLC shares your interest.Your Realtor® has a keen interest in getting the bestpossible price for your property. Let us apply sound,up-to-the-minute market experience to help you priceyour property to sell. And call Dick Clark Real Estate, LLCto get the job done!

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