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ONU hosts sex offender training

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Mental health professionals, police officers, and attorneys come together to learn more about Internet sex offenders. Even though they're dealing with the same people, professionals in the different fields don't always interact.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Ron DeLong says that having a multi-disciplinary approach, though, leads to better investigations and treatment.

DeLong has an extensive background in the behavior of sex offenders. He teamed up with criminologist Dr. Keith Durkin to explore the investigative side of sex crimes.

Combining information from the two fields can give those trying to catch sex offenders and those trying to treat sex offenders new insight.

"With this new information, certainly we can all take it back and do some different things and implement some interventions that we do in the treatment of sex offenders, and I think it's going to be very helpful," said Beth Glass, seminar participant.

And even though the common thought to prosecuting sex crimes is to lock the cell and throw away the key. Dr. Delong says sex offenders can be treated.

"Treatment does work.  We have a misnomer that treatment is non-effective.  Recidivism is low. Treatment is very positive. That's what people want," said DeLong.

With events like this one, mental health and law enforcement officials can find better ways to work together in their goal of stopping future sex crimes.

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