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Weather Radio Giveaway Winners

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Thanks to everyone that participated in our Weather Radio Giveaway! Here are a few samples from our winners.

May 29th Winner

     In July of 1992, my (son, at the time 10 years old), and I were traveling home from a family bridal shower held in Columbus.  It was an extremely hot, humid, late Sunday afternoon, and the skies were looking ominous. We started on our way home and it immediately came clear we were headed for trouble.  He heard on the radio that there was a tornado warning in one county and a tornado watch in the others.  As we traveled towards Lima, I was becoming quite frightened we might become in peril.  I was trying to stay cool so my son, Nick, wouldn't be frightened himself. At one point he said so me, "Mom, can we hold hands and say the Hail Mary?" I said, "Sure!" So as we began praying, it came over the radio that a tornado warning was in Auglaize County.  Oh no, guess what?  We had just arrived into Auglaize County line.     We held our hands even tighter and traveled on into Lima praying until we reached the east side of Lima.  We felt we had dodged a bullet and finally arrived home safely. As we pulled into our garage, Nick was just about to get out of the car and I said to him, "Hey, wait a minute.  Once you say please, you also have to remember to say thank you."

Monica Garlock

May 24th Winner

The year was 1962 and we were between Perth, Australia and Cape town, South
Africa aboard the U.S.S. Arneb (AKA 56). Ahead was a typhoon raging. The
Captain said that we could take three extra days and go around it stopping
in Cape town only long enough to refuel, or we could go
right through the middle of it and have three days liberty in Cape town.
The Captain told us to hang on it's going to be a rough ride. I just
happened to be out on the 02 level hanging on to a stanchion when we took
a 43 degree roll. The bow went under and the waves washed back on the main
deck and splashed against the superstructure. It was quite a ride. We did
come out of it and were able to spend the three days in Cape town where we
all had a good time and were very thankful for making it there.
Daniel L. Miller


May 22nd Winner

The tornado in Cridersville 2010 completely changed my outlook on severe weather. Some of my family and I were actually outside looking at the skies as our tornado siren was going off. Obviously not the smartest decision as the tornado struck 2 to 3 blocks away from where we live. We saw things we had never seen before that day. I think it really hit us that something major was going on when we saw the debris from the homes that were struck flying about in the air. The devastation we witnessed afterward was just unbelievable! Looking back I remember hearing a train coming up the tracks, but no train ever came through. It was the tornado making its entrance into our village. Trains passing through town were now scary and unsettling. Warnings are now taken very seriously!!

Diane Wolfe

May 17th Winner!

Several years ago the family was setting up camp at Sun Valley Campgrounds.  My husband left to get a load of wood for our week of camping.  A storm popped up, I put the three young children in the tent with a game while I continued to set up the site, the storm became worse, I was standing between a tree and the tent trying to calm the kids when lightning struck the tree next to me.  It was the strangest feeling I had ever felt.  I could see the kids screaming but could not hear them, they said after that they saw a huge fireball outside the tent.  The grass where I stood was bare, the owner of the campgrounds came down to survey the damage and could not believe that I had survived.  The next day they came in and took the tree down as the lightning had split it and they did not trust it to remain standing.  I used to love to watch the storms, not anymore.  Thank you for considering my weather story, I would love to have a weather radio.

Lori Rader

May 15th Winner!

My weather story is this. When I feel that a tornado might be in the area I get into a large cement culvert that runs underneath state route 66.  I feel it is a safe place!

It is dirty and wet, but underneath the earth and just large enough for me to fit in and my teenage daughter if need be.  I would love to have an actual radio that would alert me, then I would not have to get in that grungy culvert if I didn't need to!

Becky Bowsher

May 10th Winner!

The day is clear, the sun is bright,
But that is soon to change.
The sky turns blue to black.
The air turns cool and moist.
Mom and I are swinging high,
While the sky begins to fall.
Boom! Crash! The lightning says,
And I begin to tremble.
Mom grabs my hand to rush inside.
The lights flash out and now it's dark.
I curl up on the familiar couch.
I yank my blanket over my head.
A humming sound I start to hear,
Like a bee upon a flower.
I start to ask Mom what it could be,
When she grabs the cat and leads the dog,
Then tells me a tornado comes.
We hurry to the neighbor's house,
And rush to the smelly basement.
My cat and dog are going crazy,
As my friend and I are playing.
The men come down and say it's over.
We go outside to the calm fresh air
To see the leaves have been thrown about.
The tornado is gone, the sun shines bright.

Amanda Schuller

May 8th Winner!

The blizzard of '78 started early Thursday morning.  We went to bed Wednesday to balmy weather and woke up during the night to howling wind and blowing snow.  Our power went out about 4:30 a.m. so we immediately started the wood burner.  Thursday, my husband and 3 oldest boys took turns throwing snow against the foundation to keep the wind from freezing pipes under the house.  The wind blew all day Thursday and the house kept getting colder.  Thank God for the wood burner which also cooked our food.  Power finally came back on Saturday afternoon - the house was 50  degrees.

Pat Knebel

May 3rd Winner!

When I was around nine years old, we lived in the country between Columbus Grove and Cairo, OH.  We had upstairs bedrooms, and one evening after we went to bed, a terrible storm came through our area.  I woke up late morning and when I rolled over, there was a tree in my bedroom, and I could see the sky.  I screamed for my mother, and when she came, she told me about the storm and the tree.  She said everyone woke up during the storm but me, even my baby brother.  They were all yelling and making all kinds of noise, not to mention the noise the tree made falling on our roof, but I never woke up.  I was naturally stunned, so much so that after I got married and found out I was expecting our first child, I really worried that I wouldn't wake up when the baby needed me; but I needn't have worried, because there seems to be a natural in-born connection with your baby.  I would hear his slightest sound, yet I still have been known to sleep through storms and lots of noise.  Go figure!  Since I now live on the seventh floor of an apartment building, it just seems like it would be a good idea to have some warning.  Don't you think?

Pat Bradley

May 1st Winner!

My first fictional and unforgettable weather experience was as a toddler watching "The Wizard of Oz". It scared me watching debris flying and everyone rushing to take cover.

My real life weather experience was seeing the ravage done on the outskirts of Bluffton and Beaverdam by the tornado that touched down there. My grandmother lived in Bluffton, but her home wasn't touched, thank the Lord. As dad drove through the damage, it was unimaginable to me that wind caused the damage I saw. Some houses would be standing while others demolished, debris stuck in trees while some trees uprooted. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my weather experience. I would be so thankful to have a weather radio.
Connie Ryan