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ONU Teacher's Workshop

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Students aren't the only ones engaged in the learning process. At Ohio Northern University,  teachers learn from one another during a summer chemistry workshop.

Chosen from around the country and the world, 16 teachers are at ONU for a week-long chemistry workshop.

John Anderson was one of the teachers selected and for good reason. He's taught AP chemistry and biology in many countries, including Turkey, Burma and Pakistan. He says the workshop teaches him about new technologies that he can bring to his students overseas.

"I think it's very good for my students to be exposed to the technologies that are being used in other countries like the United States and Europe," said Anderson.

ONU Associate Professor of Chemistry Brian Myers says the university makes it easy for teachers like Anderson to come to the workshop.

"They're really very minimal costs for them. They have a few meals that they have to buy, maybe some travel costs, but for the most part we're covering most of the expenses," said Myers.

Teachers are excited about the low cost, friendships and demonstrations they take away from the workshop. Professor Myers says the experiments are especially helpful.

"The workshop is to try and bring teachers here so they can interact with each other and work on their laboratory skills. One of the most challenging things that teachers find is to incooperate good experiments to get their students excited about doing hands-on chemistry," said Myers.

At the end of the workshop, teachers are given science instruments they can use in their own classroom.