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WLIO-TV 60th Anniversary Special

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We're asking the general public for any media or materials they may have for our 60th Anniversary Special! If you have anything, pictures, newspaper stories on the station, info about any employees that used to work here, any former anchors that used to work here. ANYTHING.... Send us a message. We may use your materials for our show. With the inclusion of WOHL-TV into our family, if you have any information on that station, feel free to submit it as well! Some good things to submit would be.....


- Old promotional items from WLIO and WOHL-TV

- Old footage from any of our past shows/events, (St. Jude's Telethon, Easter's Parade, Gospel Sound, Rally in the Square, Square Fair, etc.)

- Were/are you a personal friend of a former WLIO/WOHL news anchor? Let us know how to reach them!

- Pictures of our personalities from our events (St. Jude's Telethon, Allen County Fair, etc.)

- Do you have a great story to tell about WLIO or WOHL? Tell us!


Click on the link below to send us your submissions. If you have video you would like to submit, send us a message and we will let you know the best way to get it to us depending on what kind of format you have the video in. The older the better! 

To let us know about your old WLIO-WOHL memories and memorabilia - engineering@wlio.com