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Tying the Knot - 9-11 Months Out

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Get a wedding party set up. Choose your closest family/friends to stand up with you on your special day. Make sure they are reliable when it comes to planning things such as the bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties and of course the big day and are able to pay for attire. Don't get too many people.

Start and finalize your guest list. People that you want to witness your blessed union need to know about it ahead of time for people who need to take off work, travel expenses, etc.  This also helps with figuring out venues and how many they will hold. If you are really ambitious and want to spend more money than what's necessary, save the dates are always an option.

Start shopping for your wedding dress. Wedding dresses normally have to be ordered and then altered with several fittings and the Bride will need to be present for each of these. So getting one early isn't a bad thing. And bring someone with you to look at dresses. Because a second opinion is always good. It's not too early to look at this point. Try visiting The Bridal Emporium.

Think about invitations, band or DJ, florist, photographer and caterer. These are all important. Invitations go out about a month before your wedding and need to be ordered, entertainment, such as a band or DJ get booked very quickly, florists need to know the season of your wedding and make sure the flowers you want will be there, photographers also book quickly, and caterers need to know what kind of food you want and for how many people to get an estimate of how much it costs. Remember, you are on a budget! Don't have a photographer yet? How about looking into High 5 Photography or A Miller Photography?

Plan the ceremony with the officiate. Think about what traditions with what religion you are and what you want to incorporate with your day. Also find out if you need premarital counseling before hand.