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Tying the Knot - 6 Weeks - 3 Weeks

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6 Weeks

Work on writing your vows. This is only really if you're writing your own. They may need changes after this 6 weeks, if you are in a super bad mood because something didn't go your way and the dummy you're marrying got a brown suit instead of a black one and the cake flavors are wrong. 

Finish ceremony programs. This is the timeline that your guests will see for the rundown of your wedding.

Buy gifts for the wedding party. Your wedding party should have been there for you through everything. They deserve a little something for having to put up with you.

By now you should have also mailed all of the invitations. As you are getting RSVPs, put them in your organized folder or binder. This way, you can let your caterer know how many to expect.

3-4 Weeks

Have hair and makeup trial runs. If you don't like a style that is being done to you, let your stylist know. They do this all the time so you won't hurt their feelings and you know what you like so have it done your way.

Work on your song list for the ceremony and the reception. You know what songs mean to you and what you like. Make sure the DJ and musicians know.

Decide on a guest book. Something that your guests can sign and you can remember who was there. If you are changing your name, begin paperwork to make it legal.
If you need a haircut, get it done now.