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Tying the Knot - The Final Days

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1-2 Weeks

Make sure all of your vendors have access to your venue. Make sure all doors are unlocked and they are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Confirm details with all vendors. Where, when, playlist for DJ, set seating chart for reception.
Confirm appointments for hair and makeup for the wedding day.

Start packing for the honeymoon now. You're going to be very busy the next few days and may need to add things as you go so starting a little early is ok.

Day before-

Get an emergency kit together. Safety pins, needles, thread the color of your wedding, tide to go, double sided tape, Kleenex, and what ever else needs to be in an emergency kit.

Confirm honeymoon travel plans. Check to make sure your flight is still on time.

SLEEP! You're going to have a long, busy day. Sleep is a must!

Day of-

Give thank you gifts to parents. 

Smile :)