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Minster's Old High School Building Holds History

Today Minster's historical society gave tours of Minster's old high school. The old high school is not in use anymore, but still holds value.

For Fred Boecker, this is more than just his old high school. This is where he fell in love.

Even though Ministers old high school on Hanover and Fifth Street is not in use, it still holds important memories for those that have passed through these very halls. The building was constructed in 1932, and was in use for 77 years. But as technology advanced, a new school was built. Retired school principal for the old school Larry Prenger says its only a matter of time until something happens to the building.

But Minster's Historical Society President, Mary Oldiges, hopes that the building doesn't get knocked down. She says even though the building is old, it holds sentimental and historical value to the thousands that have walked through these doors. She hopes the building can still get some use.

She hopes the building is preserved for Minster's history. As of now, there are no plans for the building.

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