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Fertilizer Plant Explosion

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Late Wednesday, a Texas Fertilizer plant caught fire, and eventually exploded. The blast leveling homes, and killing at least 35 while injuring many more.

Local EMA officials say, there are 148 chemical oriented facilities in Allen County. With varying degrees of risk attached to their products in which 38 are listed as extremely hazardous.

No matter how many safeguards are in place to stop tragedies like the one in West Texas, accidents can happen. Dr. Tim Murphy a professor of environmental safety and occupational health programs at the university of Findlay says Hancock County along with the state of Ohio has good emergency management agencies that set up plans to prevent an explosion like this.

Dr. Murphy says that every facility is different and planning for the worst is key.

While every situation is different John Norris of the Shawnee Township Fire Department says they are specially trained in handling fire's involving many chemicals used by local businesses.

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