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Friends of the NRA Banquet

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In the violent times we live in, the viability of the second amendment of the constitution has been called into question.        

Politicians continue to try and pass laws that would restrict who can and who can't buy a gun.      

The argument has been a contentious one pitting republicans against democrats.      

But, a surprise this week in congress, the democratically controlled senate could not get enough votes to pass a bill that would have expanded background checks for gun buyers.      

We sent Sam Shriver out to a "Friends of the NRA" banquet tonight to get members opinions on how their second amendment rights continue to be in danger.

Our cameras were not allowed inside the venue where the Friends of the NRA were holding their annual banquet.

Organizers of the sold out event at the Allen County Fairgrounds say it is the policy of the NRA to not allow the media to cover events like this, so we had some of the younger members come outside to talk about what they think about the latest effort to control gun ownership.

John Rudolph is concerned about efforts to control gun ownership. "I feel like you can't restrict that stuff because criminals and stuff, they're going to find away to get it and background checks are  just going to make it harder for law abiding citizens to get guns," said Rudolph.
Caitlin Markley is a target shooter and had these thoughts. "I think it's really unfair and I think we should have our rights and the second amendment should stick, and, just because they can't control some people doesn't mean they should take it away from us."

Markley revealed something surprising when we asked her about her thoughts on whether there should be more stringent checks on mentally ill people who try to buy guns. "I have depression and I think I'm perfectly fine with guns, I mean, I'm a 16 year old and I am on Prozac and I'm proud to say and I'm doing perfectly fine. I'm getting my help. Just because there's people that won't get help doesn't mean we can't have it, and doesn't mean I can't have it."

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber, a long time second amendment supporter and gun advocate is also concerned by what Washington is trying to do to curb gun ownership.

There's no mistaking the clout of the National Rifle Association.

They mounted a campaign that worked, and silenced the gun control debate... for now.

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