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Summer gas price predictions

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Lima resident Don Daley drives a Dodge Ram, an d filling it up can get quite expensive.  That's why he tries to invest just $25 a week on fuel.  If prices stay reasonable, Daley can increase his amount of time behind the wheel.  However, what is a reasonable price to pay for gas?

"I would say right around $3.75 and lower," said Daley.  

Daley is generous with his estimate. According to a recent AAA survey, half of Americans believe gas prices are too high when they reach $3.44 a gallon.

So far this year, gas prices in Ohio have hovered around the $3.59 range, and they could remain there through the summer. 

"By and large, I expect prices to be in the mid $3 range for much of the summer," said Patrick DeHaan, analyst for

DeHaan says some of the newfound stability is due to an increase in production at American refineries.

Even though prices in the three dollar range are expected to be the norm, DeHaan also says some $4 days are likely.

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