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Proudly Serving Part Two: Recruit Training

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Marines are trained to deal with situations that require split second decisions and that all starts at Parris Island, one of the two recruiting depots.

Drill instructors shouting orders is one of the first greetings recruits receive upon arriving at Parris Island, and its all done for one reason...because on the depot, they make marines.

During their 13 weeks of training they are  physically, morally, and mentally tested, and because all recruits have different learning curves, drill instructors have ways to teach them as a team. They use repetition, constant screaming and teaching because it eventually becomes routine and recruits can get it down a lot faster.

Although recruits might not think it at the time, every single thing they do is done for a purpose. Its important to do simple tasks immediately because if a combat environment is simulated and some one tells them to duck, they better duck or they're going to get shot.  

But the intense training on the obstacle course or during water survival isn't always the hardest part. Recruits are cut off from their civilian life where their freedom is taken from them, in order to discipline them to meet the highest standards of a U.S. Marine.

The yelling doesn't take much getting use to but the transition away from home is the hardest part for most recruits. They're use to being able to talk with their family whenever they wanted and now their only contact is through letters.

It's said that every marine is a rifle man, leading to 2 weeks of marksmanship training, more time than any other military branch. The Marine Corps is an expeditionary force, meaning they go wherever they are needed and its imperative they know how to use a rifle.

Throughout this whole process males and females are separated from each other, but they do go through the exact same training to become a marine.

For more information on the Marine Corps, you can visit their facebook page at:

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