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Proudly Serving Part Three: Transformation of Recruits

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After three months of training, recruits grow into a better version of themselves through discipline and hard work and have a new found confidence.

Onto these yellow footprints and through these silver doors have stood the thousands of marines who dedicated their lives to serve our country.

And the start of one local  recruits training began before he even landed on Parris Island, but regardless of preparation, drill instructors say can see their initial nerves.

Some come in scared, some are nervous, but once they've been here for a week and meet their drill instructor they know what they're about to get in to.

From the very beginning they are taught the importance of working as a unit. They will train as a team and are told the words "I" and "me" are no longer in their vocabulary.

Even after 4 weeks of training, some  local recruits from Lima and Van Wert have already seen a change in themselves, especially in their leadership qualities.

Most of their training leads to a transformation that isn't all physical, like the recruits have noticed in themselves. The goal is for all recruits to become quality citizens. However, the physical aspect is also important, to prepare them for war situations.

The Crucible is their final phase of training and evaluates everything they've learned. Many marines say their drastic change in just 13 weeks is due in part to their drill instructors and the fact that failure is not an option to them. By the end of their training, the recruits also expect nothing but the best out of themselves, just as their drill instructors did.     

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