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Veteran Denied Conceal and Carry License

James Redmon says he wanted his conceal and carry license so he could put his guns in his pickup truck to go to the shooting range, but was denied by Van Wert County Sheriff Thomas Riggenbach because he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after serving in the Gulf War. But Sheriff Riggenbach says his criminal past is also playing factor into why he denied Redmon, leading Redmon to take legal action.

44-year-old Redmon was a helicopter door gunner in the Gulf War, and was injured, causing his post traumatic stress diagnosis. He has not received treatment in 6 years. He was never court ordered to be hospitalized, but Sheriff Thomas Riggenbach says his PTS along with a past encounter with police is what lead him to deny Redmon.

In 2006, Redmon was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and assault. Redmon says he was just trying to help a friend.

Charges against Redmon were later dropped, but Sheriff Riggenbach says that encounter along with his PTS diagnoses is what lead him to his decision. Something he is standing behind.

Monday was the first hearing, and the trial is still ongoing.