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Allen Co. Juvenile Court Sponsors Summit

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The Allen County Juvenile Court sponsors, Community/Faith-Based Summit, a community engagement program for young people. The goal of the summit is to encourage and facilitate the expansion of available opportunities for children and young people to participate in positive community activities.

More than 170 people representing 41 churches and 47 non-profit organizations are involved with the summit's efforts, including representatives from the community. They all met for the first time in April and came together again to exchange specific program ideas.

  • The summit focuses on 5 Key Connections which it needs to be successful
  • A facility that meets the needs of the program and is in the right location
  • The knowledge or expertise of someone to facilitate the program
  • Volunteers willing to provide supervision.
  • Finances to run the program
  • The children and young people interested in participating in the programs

The purpose of the follow-up summit was to exchange program ideas and help make the key connections to bring these program ideas to life.