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Congressman Turner questions Syrian strikes

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President Barack Obama meeting with key congressional leaders and members of the armed services committee in an attempt to gain support for military action against Syria.

"I've made a decision that America should take action, but I also believe that we will be much more effective, we will be stronger, if we take action together," said President Obama. 

However, Congressman Mike Turner of Dayton says he remains opposed to intervening in Syria. The president met with more than a dozen lawmakers, including Turner, to push for an attack aimed at dismantling Syrian President Bashar Assad's chemical weapons capabilities.  Turner says budget cuts must be addressed before involving the American military in another Middle East conflict.  

"Right now, I am opposed.  I think sequestration needs to be addressed before we engage in any conflict like this.  Also, I think the president has not told us what are the risks and again who we are for.  I think his strategy is incomplete until we know who we're fighting for.  I think it's certainly premature to be engaging in a conflict," said Turner, (R) 10th District, Ohio.

U.S. officials allege that more than 280 deaths can be attributed to an August chemical weapons attack.   Political science professor Bill Angel believes congress will eventually back the president.

"I think they almost have to once the president makes the case gas was used.  the U.S. will have to do something.  I think congress will go ahead.  What this debate allows is for the public to hear an argument and debate that'll build the case for the president's perspective," said Angel.

Leading senators say they hope to have a resolution drafted before lawmakers return from recess next week.


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