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Same-Sex Marriage More Than An Opinion For Law Students

Same-sex marriage has drawn large interest from the public, mostly because some say it conflicts with their religious beliefs. Many have a position on the topic, but for the next generation of law professionals, it's more than an opinion.

"Think about the rule of law, the rule of law is really important to America because we are not bound by one religion or even by one language, so what really binds us together is the Constitution," said Lee Strang, Professor of Law at the University of Toledo

And the Constitution was the center of a debate that brought more than a hundred students together on Tuesday. Ohio Northern law students attended a debate where law professors shared opposing views of the supreme court decision on Obergefell V. Hodges, the ruling that makes all states recognize same-sex marriage.. 

 "While the Supreme Court has called on both sides to accept its conclusion, there are people who can test the legitimacy of the decision, and I think it's important for people to explore that," said Joanne Brant,  professor of law at Ohio Northern University.

One side says it sets the country up for future problems.

"It's going to negatively impact religious beliefs," said Strang. 

Another perspective is that the Constitution can change with society.

"It's okay for the document to evolve," Brant said. 

Opposing views aside, as law professionals, the goal is the same.

"Law students are going to be learning the law of the American people," said Strang. "The American people are not of one view on topics like abortion, same sex marriage or gun rights, so it's good to hear both side. And law students will eventually be leaders in the country, of people who have different views, and I think actually get comfortable with seeing people with different view points, debate in a way that is respectable and not vicious."

A debate that aims to better prepare these students for their own challenges when they get into the courtroom in the near future. 

"Hopefully it'll give me a better understanding, so that I'll have a better foundation should I encounter any issues like this, in my practice," said third year law student and president of the LAMBDA Law Students Association.