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Congressman Latta Visits Farm Reducing Nutrient Run-Off


Local farmers are doing their part to minimize nutrient run-off into bodies of water. On Monday, Congressman Bob Latta, visited a Paulding County farm cooperative to see the project first-hand. 

A strip-till tool has been used at one of Mercer Landmark farms since August. With a GPS, the screen shows how much fertilizer each area of the field actually needs.

"We are prescription feeding the ground, so we have what it needs, no more no less," Tom Belt, Agronomy Manager, Mercer Landmark.

Strip-tilling places fertilizer three to four inches deep, and helps hold it in the soil, reducing the amount of fertilizer, and cutting down on the run-off of nutrients into Ohio's lakes. 

On Monday, Congressman Bob Latta, visited Mercer Landmark to see first-hand how it works. He says he is impressed with how local farmers are working to improve the water quality in the state.. 

"What this all entails is that everyone is working together," Latta said. "It's not a top down thing, everyone is working from the local level up, folks out here and  across the state, that's gonna help everybody."

Mercer Landmark acquired the equipment with the help of state funds. 

"This is good to get farmers involved with new technology to save them money and to help us grow a good crop," said Kip Studer, Nutrient Management Specialist. 

Farmers interested in learning more about strip-tilling, nutrients and water quality, can contact their local Water and Soil Conservation District.