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Guiding Light Ministries Gives New Meaning to Old Home


This house sits way back along state road, in fact you could drive by and hardly notice it. But it's certainly made an impression on the lives of people who have lived there.

"Anytime it was empty another call would come in that someone desperately needed a place to stay," Lydia Brenneman, one of the homeowners, said. 

It once served as a home to handicap women, which was opened by Brice Brenneman's parents in the 1980s

"There were eight women that lived here and it served a function that way for about 35 years," Brice Brenneman said.

Brice and Lydia Brenneman purchased the home about seven years ago with the hopes of continuing his parents mission.

This house has serviced many people over the years and the Brenneman's have decided to once again open their doors, and turn their home into transitional housing for women trying to get back on their feet.

"Specifically for those who might be needing more healing from trauma and definitely recovery," Julianne Frankhouser, director of Guiding Light Ministries, said.  

They connected with Julianne Frankhouser, the director of Guiding Light Ministries which works to place girls and women in housing that is both a safe environment and place for them to be able to care for themselves and their families 

"It's appears there's a definite need for the service we're trying to provide and we just hope this house and the environment that's going to be provided here, is something that could make a difference in their lives," Brice said.

The home will be able to house up to six women and will appropriately be called The Light House.

"We're just doing what we both feel in connection that we're suppose to do with the place," Frankhouser said.

Over the past couple months the house has been furnished and decorated to be ready for the women. They say the house could be open and ready for clients to move in as soon as next week. 


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