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Survive Alive House Gives Kids Interactive Look at Safety

Safety City like you've never seen it before.

"It is a realistic experience," said Matt Douglass, the Safety City Officer. 

The Lima area Safety City program just recently unveiled their "Survive Alive House", which prepares kids for a number of scary, but potential, situations.

"It's going to sound like a real-life thunderstorm in here," Douglass said. 

And it all happens at the command of his smart phone.

"If I click that it has a drop down box. It has fire, storm, tornado, and then it has an emergency stop," Douglass said. 

The floors vibrate during the sound of thunder. And lights flicker as the storm progresses.

"The lights will actually go out here in another minute or so," Douglass said.

Douglass says they'll typically tell kids what to expect before it happens.

"Some of them get scared because this is realistic to them," he said. 

The Survive Alive House also teaches kids about fire safety. By just pushing this button, the upstairs fills with smoke in just a matter of minutes. 

"It's a water based smoke," Douglass said. 

Which still makes it hard to see and teaches kids to stay low and crawl on the ground.

"I was a little scared," 9-year-old, Dakota Quinter, said. 

But officer Douglass says it's good for them to learn this way. 

"We want to teach them what to do, so if it does happen they don't panic. they know exactly what to do when they get out," Douglass said. 

The unique 200 thousand dollar home was all made possible by donations and help from different organizations around the community.