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Gaining Notoriety on National TV

A Lima native has been making tracks on network TV with her invention: the Wrapperoo.

P.J. McGuire has been on different networks like the Home Shopping Network and TV show Shark Tank showing off her invention, which is a special hair wrap.  McGuire says that so many people being able to use and know about her product is something that she never expected to happen.

Her father was her main motivator to get her idea out to the world, and she encourages those who have an idea to find a similar support group.

"One of the things that I would say [to someone starting out] is that it's about, even from the very beginning, creating some sort of support system," McGuire said.  "Being an entrepreneur, being an inventor, can be a very lonely business, and it's very hard to do by yourself."

McGuire will be featured on the Home Shopping Network December 5th and 6th.