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UNOH students explore stream

Ecology students at the University of Northwestern Ohio pulled on their boots to take a closer look at the stream that runs through campus.

Every quarter, the students are tasked with getting data from two different parts of the stream, near parking lots, and by the baseball fields, to see how urban areas affect the stream and wildlife.  The Allen Soil and Water Conservation District has been helping the classes by providing equipment for better readings.  Being able to use natural resources allows for a different side of learning.

"I've always thought that hands-on is the best way to teach students because seeing it and doing it is usually the best way to learn so now they've actually got something to work off of what I actually talk about it in class, so hopefully they understand it a lot better," said David Zuwerink, Assistant Professor of Biology at UNOH.

This is the sixth year that the in-stream exploration has been held.