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Significant storm damage in Paulding County


While many saw rain and thunderstorms Thursday evening, parts of Paulding County received the brunt of the stronger storms.

One of the hardest hit areas was a stretch just west of Haviland, which saw numerous power poles down closing many roads in that area. Also nearby, many tree branches snapped and a farm building was destroyed. Debris was seen two miles from where the building stood.

The other region seeing significant damage was the northeastern corner of the county in Emerald Township. The National Weather Service and Paulding County Emergency Management were in Emerald Township, Friday afternoon to determine if that damage was due to a tornado.

"The biggest concern we have is the amount of people that are without power. The villages of Latty, Haviland, Scott, and Grover Hill are all without power due to the fact we learned this morning we have over 80 power poles that have been snapped off," commented Paulding County EMA Director, Edward Bohn.

"We have determined it is straight lined winds or some sort of a microburst. Wind speeds estimated at least 80 miles per hour, potentially a little bit higher, but at least 80 miles an hour at a minimum," said National Weather Service Meteorologist, Lonnie Fisher.

Officials say power is a big concern and that the likely cause for the severe damage to a farm building and power poles was strong winds. According to the AEP website, 737 customers in that area remain without power, some may not see it restored until Monday.