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A Walk With Grace filming at halfway point


Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin goes over his lines for A Walk With Grace.

The crew has been shooting scenes at Diamond Manufacturing in Bluffton.

The film stars Baldwin and David Lee Smith.

Smith portrays a Los Angeles executive who must return to Ohio after his mother dies and face the daunting task of signing away his family’s factory to Baldwin’s character.

 “I’ve always gravitated toward smaller films and made some choices for myself that some people think okay he likes to have fun and do things a little differently. I did Usual Suspects and then I did Biodome and Flintstones and things like that I just like to diversify the characters as much as I can creatively for myself. So this one was really cool but more so usually on the Indie level, most people are coming together in more of a labor of love kind of way and I connect with that as well,” said Baldwin.

 Principal shooting for A Walk With Grace is at the halfway point.

The movie is the brainchild of Nick Kellis, a 1984 Shawnee High School graduate that founded the Heartland Film Foundation.

He’s got a deal with Amazon’s Dove channel to produce the movie, with possibly more to come.

 “It checks all of the boxes for what they’re looking for in content in quality faith-based and family entertainment and content. They said do this one right and do five more,” said Kellis.

 When the movie is finished you might see some familiar local faces in the role of extras.

“It’s been neat. If you’re an extra on one day in a Hollywood movie you don’t get to show up on day 2 but this is all about Lima so somebody could be at the gym and could be over at Vino Bellissimo and could be at church, Trinity church. So with the actors too, these characters can keep coming back and keep reprising their roles in different stories that could hopefully just keep going until steam runs out, hopefully never, you know,” added Kellis.