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Severe Weather Recap

Lima Ohio -

If you didn’t get a chance to see the storms yesterday, some of our brave viewers caught it all on camera.

It all started with torrents of heavy rain that accumulated as much as 5-6 inches of precipitation in places like Jonestown and Kalida. Next came the multiple tornado threats. Viewers were able to capture the rotating wall clouds moving over the Rockford area from multiple vantage points. Finally was the hail outbreak. Rarely do we see hail the size of ping pong balls here in West Central Ohio, but hail the size of tennis balls, like the ones that fell over Mendon, is almost unheard of! Notice the asymmetrical shape of these hail stones. They’re actually a combination of smaller hail stones, creating a much larger, oddly shaped stone.

While we stress the importance of taking shelter during severe weather, reporting storms is one of the best ways to track and warn those in the path of the threats to come.