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First annual Healthy Families Expo held Saturday

Getting healthy is something that everyone can learn something new about, and Activate Allen County decided to create a way for families to learn about getting active while still having fun.  The first annual healthy Families Expo was free for families to check out the different booths, which each featured a different local organization, and was also a good opportunity for Activate Allen County to help out their community.

"Activate Allen County is really just in the business of wanting to bring people together, wanting to bring the community together, and talk about health and fitness and wellness and how that all relates to just personal health in general," said Kayla Monfort, Co-Director of Activate Allen County.

One of the guest speakers at the expo was Andy Dooley, who said he was excited to get back to his hometown and teach people things he's learned in his experiences.

"I'm just giving some practical ways to start easy to give you a long-term ending for living a healthier lifestyle," said Dooley.

Dooley was named the 2016 Face of Reebok One and now lives out in California, but he hasn't forgotten his roots here in Lima - and says that teaching people healthy habits is something that he considers important.

"My dad, my parents didn't necessarily have the knowledge back in the day and had to so now, any information I have I want to be able to share it and give to my family back here in Lima," Dooley said.