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Senate Committee questions former Equifax CEO


An U.S. Senator from Ohio thinks Equifax should spend more money on security and less on the pay of their Chief Executive Officer.

This week, Senator Sherrod Brown and the other members of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs had a chance to question former Equifax C-E-O Richard Smith on the massive data breach that affected around 145 million Americans, including 5.2 million Ohioan. Brown called for more investment into the security of their servers and less for the salaries of the people who are running the company. Plus, Brown told Your News Now that maybe we should start looking at giving Americans a choice on where their financial data goes, similar to how the federal government gives you that choice in for your medical information. 

"You can decide which doctors, which insurance companies, which employers have your medical records, it is up to you to control your own medical records, I think we need to start thinking that way. It’s outside the box, because these companies love getting this information, they make money from us. But I think it’s time that we were able to control our own financial data as American citizens," says Brown.

Equifax says they will be offering a new program in the future, that will allow their customers to control their personal data by locking or unlocking access to it. According to the interim C-E-O, it will be offered free for life.