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Findlay assessing the damage after major storm


The main focus for the City of Findlay is getting things back into working order after a major thunderstorm with straight line winds came through the north side of the city, damaging buildings and trees. Findlay mayor Lydia Mihalik says that the clean up process has already begun, with assessing damage to buildings and clearing out tree limbs.

"We’re focusing our efforts right now within the right of way, so we are seeing a lot of trees and limbs down in the right of way that we're trying to remove and take to our green waste site," said Mihalik.  "We’re encouraging folks that have down trees on their property, if they can, to get it to the green waste site, that’s a place on North High Street that you can take debris to and it’s a good way to get things cleaned up."

One of the places in town that received quite a bit of damage was here at Findlay High School, where workers are trying to get things back to normal after the sudden storms overnight.

"We took today to evaluate the situation - we made sure we had safety taken care of first and all of the buildings inspected, and I think will be ready to roll tomorrow [11/7]," said Ed Kurt, Superintendent of Findlay Schools.

Some of the damage included windows being broken and trees being uprooted - with one large tree falling onto a greenhouse - as well as damage to the roof of much of the building, including the auxiliary gym.  Despite the damage, the Superintendent of Findlay Schools says that they are just happy that no one was hurt.

"Doors can be replaced, windows can be replaced, human life cannot be replaced," said Kurt.  "We’re thankful that there were no significant injuries or loss of life and is unbelievable with the storm that hit the Findlay area - it was fast and it hit very fast - so we’re very thankful for no injuries; we'll fix the things and make sure we're ready to go."

And with all of the stress that people may be going through, a little compassion can go a long way after a storm like this.

"I think if there’s an opportunity to help your neighbor or help someone that you know and care about, now is a good time to reach out and do it, because there were quite a few people who were impacted," said Mihalik.