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Couples at Primrose Retirement Community give us advice about love and longevity


On Valentine's Day, some on might be wondering what is the key to love and longevity? The residents at Primrose Retirement Community celebrating Valentine's Day at luncheon earlier Wednesday afternoon. The couples have been married for over 500 years combined and our Marina Neuman went to find out the answer.

Valentine's Day has turned into a day for cards, candy, and flowers, but the residents at Primrose Retirement Community remind us that Valentine's Day is about the love. And it doesn't matter how old or young you are, true love is timeless.

"How long have we been married?" asked Betty Bollenbacher. 

"65 years," responded her husband Otto.

And sometimes, love hits you when you least expect it.

"When i met her it was at the YMCA in Toledo across the dance floor and I saw this cute girl and I thought, I think I'd like to ask her to dance with me and she said yes, and then the conversation, I asked her, what she did? and she said, I'm a teacher, I'm a kindergarten teacher and i said, I think that school teachers are dull and she slapped me, and I knew it was true love," explained Otto Bollenbacher. 

The residents at Primrose are also teaching us that it is never too late for new love to blossom.

"I'm a widower and she's a widow, and we're teaching people that you can still be in love, I'm 85 and she's 86," said Jim Shook.

Their secret, is keeping each other young at heart.

"I just felt that he was second in command to me, we've enjoyed each others company, we go to the movies," said Eline Flynn.

"She is a wonderful woman with a wonderful family and i just fell in love with her," added Shook.