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Media Release: Safer Routes to School at Delphos Schools

10/9/18 - Media Release on behalf of Shelly Miller of the Allen County Health Department

Delphos, Ohio – Many parents, community members, and school personnel drive near the school on most weekdays. Each driver can contribute to or detract from the safety of the walking and bicycling environment for children. Failure to comply with traffic laws and posted speed limits are examples of driving behaviors that result in unsafe conditions.

A National Safe Kids study of 27 cities found that of the vehicle speeds recorded during the 30 minutes before and after school, 65% of drivers exceeded the posted speed limit with 23% of these drivers traveling at least 10 mph above speed limit and 33% traveling 30 mph or more beyond the limit (Child Pedestrians at Risk in America: A National Survey of Speeding in School Zones. October 2000. National SAFE KIDS).

The need to reduce the number of speeders and the speeds at which they travel is crucial to ensure the routes to school are safe. The Creating Healthy Communities Project of Allen County Public Health has partnered with Delphos City Schools and Delphos St. John’s, Lima-Allen County Regional Planning Commission, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol to provide a speed trailer (speed awareness monitor) to help bring awareness to drivers’ speeds around the schools during National Walk to School Day. The Safe Routes to School project in Delphos is hoping to improve the safety of city streets for school children walking and biking to school, so awareness of speed is crucial to the safety of the students.

The main goal for Safe Routes to School enforcement strategies is to deter unsafe behaviors of drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, and to encourage all road users to obey traffic laws and share the road safely.

Drivers near the school can help create an environment that is safe and inviting for pedestrians and bicyclists. They need to know the following:

  • Watch for, and yield to, pedestrians and bicyclists near and around the school.

  • Obey speed limits for the school zone.

  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs.

  • Do not block pedestrian crosswalks.