In recent weeks, United States Senators from Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana reintroduced legislation on all taxpayer-funded infrastructure in the country.

Their bipartisan bill is called the "Build America, Buy America Act". This would ensure U.S. taxpayer dollars would be used to buy entirely American-made materials for federally funded projects. In a recent press conference, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) said when supplies such as iron and steel are imported from other countries, it takes jobs away from Americans.

"These are jobs that can't be outsourced. If we're building the Brent Spence bridge in Cincinnati, we use steel made in the U.S.," says Brown. "If we're building a school or investing in housing, we use U.S. materials made by U.S. workers. Not import a steel slab from China and then turn into a pipe and call it American-made. I mean American made whenever possible which is the great majority of time from start to finish."

Similar legislation will also be introduced to the United States House of Representatives by Ohio's 13th Congressional District Representative, Tim Ryan (D).


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