1. Why are WLIO and WOHL no longer carried on the DISH NETWORK system?

Block Communications, Inc, parent company of WLIO and WOHL, has always been able to negotiate a fair agreement with its distributors, and has a very good history of not being removed from a cable or satellite system.  While Block has been negotiating in good faith DISH refuses to recognize the value of our programming. This negotiation is not occurring at the local level.

2. Won’t DISH NETWORK simply make Network programming available from another station?  

No. There are FCC rules in place to protect local broadcasters from this unfair practice.

3. If DISH NETWORK agrees to WLIO and WOHL's fees won't they simply raise my monthly bill?

Block has no control over any video provider's rates or any decision to raise rates. DISH is already charging subscribers for the local channels each month. The average consumer pays a large some of money to DISH every month to see their favorite channels. Fees paid to cable and satellite channels with fewer viewers are far greater each month.  In fact, SNL Kagan estimates that in recent years total broadcast retransmission consent fees were less than the programming fees paid to regional sports networks and reached only a small percent of the programming fees paid to basic cable and regional sports networks combined.

Visit http://www.tvfreedom.org for more information about the cost of cable/satellite programming.

4. What are my options for getting WOHL and WLIO programming?

Other providers, including some streaming services will continue to carry WLIO and WOHL without interruption. Alternatively, you may use an antenna and receive WLIO and WOHL over the air free of charge.

5. How do I get in touch with someone at DISH NETWORK if I wish to express my views?

You can call DISH NETWORK customer service center 1-800-333-3474 and demand that either WLIO/WOHL be returned or that you receive a rebate for the missing programming.

6. Do I need to call WLIO/WOHL again after contacting DISH NETWORK?

No. While we appreciate your input, and welcome your comments at it is not necessary to contact us after you have contacted DISH. Just make sure your voice is heard at DISH.  

7. This is about you making money isn’t it?

Finances will always be important. But that is not the only issue. WLIO and WOHL’s primary signals, our local news and weather, syndicated shows, and NBC/FOX/CBS/ABC, plus The NFL on FOX, CBS and NBC are broadcast for the enjoyment of DISH subscribers and at the expense of WLIO and WOHL. Our fees for this content have risen, and will continue to rise, at a far greater pace than the minimal increase we seek. No business remains solvent without addressing their increased costs of doing that business. This is basic economics. We are fighting to receive fair compensation in both fees and carriage of Block’s signals. We hope you understand our position.