Ty Batemon

Ty Batemon returned to Your Hometown Stations after a two year hiatus. While she was gone she worked with the WCIA 3 news team in Central Illinois. During that time, Ty enjoyed her time substitute teaching for the Champaign School District. It wasn't her first time in Central Illinois. Back in 2012, Ty interned for WEIU-TV in Charleston. Ty says she's glad to be welcomed back to the West Central Ohio with open arms because it's a community she holds dear to her heart after spending nearly four years here for the start of her career in broadcast journalism.

​Ty was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but traveled the world as a military dependent. She was a multimedia journalist and co-anchor for Fast Track, Purdue University's student television news. Her news journey stared at WLFI, in West Lafayette, Indiana. Although she's traveled the world, she says she will always be a Hoosier with Boilermaker blood.

Ty was proud to leave Purdue university with a solid mark of achievement - Fast Track was awarded first place at The Broadcast Education Association Awards for its winning piece “Fast Track Best of Fall 2012” in 2013.

Ty received her degree in Mass Communication at Purdue University in 2012, but she says one of her greatest accomplishments is graduating from Purdue for a second time with another degree. Ty received a Master’s degree in Communications.

When Ty isn't at work, she enjoys catching up with her fiance' and the rest of her family, watching movies, and getting updated on her favorite series and shows.