Getting together for the first time this year, Lima City Council members passed all ordinances except for one, claiming that this particular matter required a second read.

Lima City Council wait to discuss residency ordinance 1.jpg

Monday night's meeting was shorter than usual, as city council members quickly passed through ordinances regarding special assessments for property maintenance code, energy improvement projects, and junk auto and vehicle enforcement.

However, ordinance 10-19, which deals with establishing the criteria for the determination of the residency of councils, was voted to have a second read due to a need for further clarification.

Lima City Council wait to discuss residency ordinance 2.jpg

“The purpose of the ordinance is to clean up and clarify some language that ultimately needs to be in the city charter,” said John Nixon, President of Lima City Council. “There were some questions regarding the ordinance, specifically how council members deal with it or how the public deals with it when an issue of residency comes in question.”

A second read and a thorough overview of ordinance 10-19 will be done during the next city council meeting on Jan. 28, 2019.