April 4th COVID-19 numbers from the Ohio Department of Health

The Ohio Department of Health is reporting 102 COVID-19 deaths and 3,739 confirmed cases on Saturday.  27% of the confirmed cases are hospitalized.   Allen, Hancock, Auglaize and Shelby counties saw increases in confirmed cases and hospitalizations.

 COVID-19 Data as of 2 pm April 4th, 2020.

Source Ohio Department of Health

3,739 Confirmed cases

1006 Hospitalizations

326 of Hospitalizations are in the ICU

102 Reported deaths

Allen County- 15 confirmed cases/ 12 hospitalized

Auglaize County- 6 confirmed cases / 3 hospitalized

Putnam County- No confirmed cases

Van Wert County- 2 confirmed cases/ 1 hospitalized

Mercer County- 6 confirmed cases/ 2 hospitalized/ 1 death

Hancock County- 13 confirmed cases/ 5 hospitalized

Hardin County- 1 confirmed case/ 1 hospitalized

Logan County- 3 confirmed cases/ 1 hospitalized

Shelby County- 10 confirmed cases/ 4 hospitalized

Paulding County- No confirmed cases

The Auglaize County Health Department's Facebook page says their 6 cases are spread out throughout the county.  Health officials want to remind people that there are more cases out there that have not been tested or reported.  So, they urge people if they go out for essential items to go by themselves, not as a group.  Plus continue following the Stay at Home order and social distancing.  


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