April 2019 Ranking of Ohio County Unemployment Rates

 (Not Seasonally Adjusted)

Among the state’s 88 counties, preliminary April 2019 unemployment rates ranged from a low of 1.9 percent in Mercer County to a high of 6.9 percent in Monroe County. From March, unemployment rates decreased in all 88 counties. The comparable unemployment rate for Ohio was 3.3 percent in April.

Eleven counties had unemployment rates at or below 2.5 percent in April. The counties with the lowest rates, other than Mercer were: Holmes, 2.1 percent; Wyandot, 2.2 percent; Auglaize, Delaware, and Union, 2.3 percent; Hancock and Wayne, 2.4 percent; and Putnam, Van Wert, and Williams, 2.5 percent. 

Two counties had unemployment rates at or above 5.5 percent in April. The county with the highest rate, other than Monroe was: Meigs, 5.5 percent.

RANK       COUNTY               APRIL RATE

57         Allen County               3.0%

58         Hardin County            3.0%

73         Paulding County         2.7%

75         Logan County            2.7%

76         Shelby County           2.7%

79         Van Wert County       2.5%

80         Putnam County         2.5%

82         Hancock County        2.4%

84         Auglaize County        2.3%

88         Mercer County          1.9%

            State of Ohio            3.3%