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ArtSpace/Lima is concerned with the ongoing preventative measures that are currently being asked of all us. Since art is an integral part of this community, we are offering a free creative pursuit for kids, young and not so young, as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation. 

Beginning on Wednesday, March 18th, ArtSpace/Lima will have “CARD ART TO GO”. It is a multi- station area set up where kids of all ages can come in and get all the art materials they like that would fit their idea of making a creative card, and put them in a to-go bag. ArtSpace will the give each person a stamped envelope, with the purpose of mailing the card to family, friends, and/or residents of a nursing home or hospital, who are confined and cannot get out to visit. Our purpose is to keep

offering creative activities for those who cannot get them traditionally during this time. We will be expanding the art activities as time goes on. 

For further information about this project or other ArtSpace/Lima programs, please call Sally Windle, Executive Director, at ArtSpace/Lima 419-222-1721.


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