The Auglaize County Fair gave a salute to their local veterans on day five of "The Family Fair".

As part of their Veterans Day at the fair, a special program recognizing veterans was held in the entertainment tent. The director of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services came out so that she could thank Auglaize County veterans in person, something that she says doesn't always happen for veterans.

Auglaize County Fair salutes veterans in special program 1.jpg

"When you really get down to the county levels, sometimes it doesn't, the word doesn't get out to our veterans just to make sure they understand how much we appreciate them, what they've done, what they gave up for our country and all that. The county levels I think is the grassroots level where you could really look guys in the eye, look those women in the eyes and say thanks for what you did. Thanks for saying that you were willing to die for our country," said Maj. Gen. Deborah Ashenhurst, Ohio Dept. Veterans Services.

The Wapakoneta Marching Band played and saluted the veterans with patriotic music throughout the program.

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