BBB warns of scammers profiting from natural disasters

Unfortunately, scammers are working overtime to profit off of events like in Afghanistan and hurricanes hitting the United States.

BBB warns of scammers profiting from natural disasters

High-profile disasters, like Hurricane Ida, are always big for scammers to try and play on the heartstrings of individuals who want to help victims. Other scammers are posing as people and service personnel stuck in Afghanistan, saying that they need money to get them out of the country. The Better Business Bureau says beware of unsolicited requests for money from places like Facebook and through email. They have some advice that you can use to spot a scam.

BBB warns of scammers profiting from natural disasters

“Just really verifying all the information they have for the charity,” says Reghan Winkler, Ex. Dir. Better Business Bureau of West Central Ohio. “Organizations will reuse names or change them up just a little bit and you really have to verify that it is actually them. You can do that by going to their website, most charities use “.org” instead of “.com” and just double-checking things like that.”

If you have any questions about if a charity or organization is legit, contact the Better Business Bureau at (419) 223-7010.

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