Be the Light Campaign helps Lima's less fortunate

Meet Randy...he rides his bike around town, but he’s not homeless. He lives in an apartment in Lima but organizers of the Be the Light Campaign thought he looked like he needed some encouragement.

Randy was given a bag of donated items that could help his situation.

“It’s needed here. It’s needed here in the city,” said Randy.

“So, Be the Light Campaign is an organization and we focus on the issues of mental health and hope and we do that through volunteer events and promoting random acts of kindness,” said Melissa Syler, founder of the Be the Light Campaign.

The Be the Light Campaign volunteers started out at Trinity United Methodist Church in Lima and distributed the bags to the needy, making their way west on Market.

“So, first and foremost we pass out canvas bags filled with donated items. Items such as clothing, socks, essentials as water bottles and granola bars but then what Be the Light goes above and beyond in doing is trying to make people feel worthy and important and by doing so we give them journals and hand written letters of encouragement just to basically give them a way to get their thoughts out there and teach them the importance of their thoughts,” said Syler.

The organization is based out of Columbus and they’re working to attain non-profit status.

“Well right now we focus on smaller towns and where we have personal connections. So this is our eighth event. We’ve had them all over Ohio and Atlanta, Georgia and Greenville, South Carolina. We’re sticking with the smaller cities now in Ohio just because in the larger cities that’s where you do get these large organizations. We’re still starting out small as well,” added Syler.

When Ottawa resident Shana Duling heard about the Be the Light Campaign, she knew she wanted to help.

“When I saw videos of all of their events that they had done and how they had touched people’s lives online and actually on Facebook. I decided I wanted to get involved, be an active part of the community and lend a helping hand,” said Duling.

For more information you can check them out at their website it’s .