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An early Wednesday bomb threat prompted the evacuation of the Chief William K. Davenport Hall of Justice in Lima.

Police Chief Kevin Martin held a news conference to discuss the threat made to the hall of justice that houses municipal court and the police department. Martin said after the threat was received, all non-essential personnel were evacuated following a protocol established for such an emergency. The Allen County Bomb Squad was called in and a little over an hour after a search, the threat was deemed non-credible. The manner and time of the threat was not released to not compromise the investigation that is underway.

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"The important thing is that we followed our protocol, our protocol works and we did so to protect the safety of the employees here in the building, the employees over on the courtside and all the citizens that come in and out of these buildings every day," Lt. Andy Green said.

Martin said he recalled one other time a bomb threat was made to the building, early on in his tenure with the department.

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