Celebrating Columbus Day

Columbus Day - a day honoring explorer Christopher Columbus - is a holiday that is celebrated around the nation, with many taking advantage and enjoying the day off from work.

"I actually had to take a vacation today for the holiday, my wife works at a bank, so she got it off, but I typically don’t, so I took a vacation day just to spend time with my family," said Rolando McClure.

"I work at Crossroads Crisis Center and our advocates do get Columbus Day off; it's a very hard position to be in emotionally, just working for the mission is very  difficult, so I believe we need the extra day," said Christel Keller

But in Columbus, Ohio, the observance of Columbus Day was called off this year and instead, the city has announced that they will be closing offices on Veterans Day, rather than on traditionally on Columbus Day. A spokesperson from the city says that the city is not reacting to the movement to ban the holiday in favor of indigenous peoples, but only to give attention to veterans. While that may be a change that is strange to some, others may say that shifting focus isn't always a bad thing.

"I think most important thing is that if you have a day like this to observe something national or something good, I think honoring veterans is always a perfect way to spend a day," said Sara Chongson.