Children's Art Show showcases children's hard work

Young artists had the opportunity to show off their art at Riverside Art Center.

The art was made as part of the Children's Summer Artwork Program that the art center has been putting on over the last few months.  It's an eight week class that brought in children from around the area to try different kinds of art on their summer vacations.  The instructor of the class says that it was interesting to see how the kids grew over the last eight weeks.

"They've been able to meet other children and see how the others go through their process," said Cindy Staples, the instructor for the program.  "It's been really fun to look at their process from start to finish and their really proud of their work, so that's exciting to see that."

The art center plans to make the summer class a yearly event.  Registration for next year's class will be made available in May of 2018.