Children's artwork displayed across town

Children have come into Awakening Minds once a year, for the past four years, to paint pictures for their family members. Those pictures then get scanned and used at places such as Fort Findlay or Gillig Winery. 

"We don't hire people to come in and do something like this. There's so much more pride when the student themselves is making it and going out and selling it," says Founding Executive Director, Sarah Crisp. 

13-year-old Ethan Cook, who says he has been to painting events like these before, explains why he comes back each year. 

"Cause it's fun to paint it and to make a present for all my family that can't be in Findlay."

Ethan's paintings, along with the other students, will be showcased on bottles, greeting cards, and coffee and tea packages all over town. 

This was the first year that the event was open to the public. 

Awakening Minds' next event is their annual art auction on Nov. 17th at 6 p.m. For more information, visit the