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A lawyer for a Lima man accused of murder, says his clients' rights were violated by the Lima Police Department.

59-year-old Kenneth Cobb is facing charges related to the shooting death of Branson tucker back in January. His lawyer claims in a phone conversation and an interview with the police department that Cobb's Federal and State constitutional rights were violated. The prosecution has until the end of the month to file a response to the allegations, and defense has until the first part of July respond to the prosecutions' response. Judge Terri Kohlrieser will review the evidence before ruling on the motion.

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The Lima Police Department says Cobb and 59-year-old Jerome Fuqua have involved the shooting. During a previous court hearing, detectives said Tucker, Cobb, and Fuqua were gambling together on January 15th when they got in an argument that led up to the fatal shooting.