No matter what time of year it is, distracted driving is always a danger on the roads.

Defensive driving is the best defense against distracted drivers.jpg

Your cell phone is not the only thing that can distract you from the road. Eating, talking on the phone, even messing with the radio can take your focus away from what is in front of you. The best way to protect yourself against potentially distracted drivers is to stay on the defense when it comes to operating your vehicle.

"If you're driving on a road and you know there's an intersection coming up where cross traffic is required to stop," said Lt. Tim Grigsby, Lima Post Commander, Ohio State Highway Patrol. "Don't just take for granted that those people are going stop. Watch the vehicles. Watch if they're approaching the intersection and it looks like they're going too fast, you may want to slow down a little bit. If they go through the stop sign and hit you, once you're dead it doesn't matter who had the right of way at that point."

Grigsby says the best way to drive defensively is to scan and look ahead, and to keep your mind and body focused on the road.

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